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09 Jul 2024

Bugatti Tourbillon, the most horological of racing cars

It’s not just its name that the new Bugatti Tourbillon borrows from the world of watchmaking: its interior is signed by a (discreet) great name in haute horlogerie.

And it’s not us who say it… it’s Le Figaro who writes it.

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08 Jul 2024

Swiss know-how makes the car hum 

Bilan magazine’s online platform features an article by journalist David Chokron, highlighting the extensive work carried out by Concepto to develop and produce the dashboard for this most exclusive of hypercars.

Automobile_ La Bugatti Tourbillon vrombit grâce à la Suisse _ Bilan

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05 Jul 2024

Horological paroxysm

In the May 2024 issue of “The Watches magazine”, special Haute Horlogerie edition, discover the technical specifications of the BVL180 extra-flat movement, developed by our manufacture in collaboration with BVLGARI.

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05 Jul 2024

Our partnership with Bugatti named in Montres de luxe

The watchmaking website Montres de luxe looks back at the exclusive partnership between our manufacture and Bugatti.


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03 Jul 2024

Concepto Watch Factory, exclusive partner of Bugatti

Thanks to the Passion Horlogère website for this beautiful article summarizing the technical challenges overcome by our teams in developing and producing the cluster for the new Bugatti Tourbillon.

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02 Jul 2024

The new Bugatti Tourbillon: a hymn to fine watchmaking

Very nice article by Monochrome Watches to present the new Bugatti Tourbillon, which honors haute horlogerie through a mechatronic dashboard developed and produced by our manufacture.

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01 Jul 2024

So viel Schweiz steckt im neuen Bugatti

The Zürich newspaper Sonntagsblick cited us as a manufacturer, as yet unknown in the automotive world, creating “the most breathtaking aspect of the car”, namely its dashboard.

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28 Jun 2024

Bugatti mit Schweizer Herz

The Swiss newspaper Handelszeitung praised our collaboration in the development and production of the cluster for the new Bugatti Tourbillon.

(Article in German)

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25 Jun 2024

Article by SJX magazine

Thanks to SJX magazine which highlights our work for the new Bugatti Tourbillon cluster.


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25 Jun 2024

Highlight by Revolution Watch

Concepto Watch Factory cited by Revolution Watch magazine for its collaboration in developing the mechatronic cluster for the new Bugatti Tourbillon.

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09 Apr 2024

1.70 mm thick - BVLGARI holds new world record

We are proud to have played a part in the development and creation of the new world record set by BVLGARI, which yesterday presented the ULTRA COSC timepiece from the OCTO FINISSIMO collection at Watches and Wonders 2024.

With its 1.70 mm-thick chronometer, whose movement is no more than 1.50 mm high (!), BVLGARI demonstrates that its timepiece is one of the most reliable chronometers, meeting the criteria required by the COSC.

Discover this work born of an extraordinary adventure.

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09 Apr 2024

Interview with Valérien Jaquet on the need for intellectual property

Discover the interview given by our CEO, Valérien Jaquet, to the intellectual property consultancy Gsmart-IP SA.

He talks about the need to protect his creations, and shares his thoughts and vision of the future in this field.

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22 Jan 2024

Concepto, the integrated Watch Factory

(Re)discover the history of Concepto Watch Factory in this beautiful article written by journalist Pierre Maillard for Europa Star Magazine, which highlights the expertise acquired by two generations of enthusiasts.

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13 Nov 2023

Jacob&Co and Producer Michael visiting CWF

We were honored and delighted to welcome Jacob Arabov and Producer Michael to our Factory to showcase our expertise through the Jacob&Co collection.

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06 Jul 2023

Event Coblor & FCD

A magnificent event organised in partnership with our client Coblor and the Ferrari Club Germany (FCD), to present the birth of the Asphalt watch, whose dial is made entirely from pieces of asphalt from the famous Nürburgring.

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20 Jun 2023

The Making of Astronomia Revolution

Listen to the people involved in the take-off and ascent into orbit of Astronomia Revolution. Nicolas Debaud, head of product development at Jacob & Co. and Valérien Jaquet, CEO at Concepto Watch Factory.

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20 Jun 2023

Métiers d’Art chez Concepto

Un souffle nouveau de Métiers d’Art et de savoir-faire rares, telle la marqueterie, s’apprête à se nicher dans un superbe écrin architectural issu d’une nouvelle vague d’agrandissements.

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20 Jun 2023

Un créateur de mouvements horlogers au service des marques

Manufacture indépendante de mouvements horlogers, Concepto Watch Factory SA offre aux marques la possibilité de se distinguer grâce à des concepts audacieux et novateurs, donnant naissance à un large éventail de produits fiables, exclusifs et personnalisables depuis près de 20 ans.

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Confidences horlogères : Quand deux singularités se rencontrent

« François-Paul Journe, maître horloger diplômé de l’Ecole d’horlogerie de Paris, et Valérien Jaquet, industriel chaux-de-fonnier fabriquant de mouvements, dialoguent, dans un entretien croisé, sur la singularité de leur approche horlogère. A priori opposées, elles se rejoignent pourtant sur l’essentiel : une certaine idée de la perfection. »

Ceci est un court extrait, nous vous invitons à lire l’intégralité de l’article de Cristina d’Agostino paru dans le Magazine Luxe.

Édition en français
Deutsche Ausgabe

Bulgari, the 2022 “Audacity” award!

In the June 2022 issue of the Swiss watch journal JSH, the Concepto review (pages 34-35) reveals the behind-the-scenes story of a record-breaking thin wristwatch that has just been honoured on the GPHG stage: Bulgari, the 2022 “Audacity” award!

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Discover the aesthetic codes

In a rare interview with Concepto’s founder and CEO @valerien.jaquet, @wei_koh_revolution discovers the aesthetic codes of Jacob & Co’s sportiest collection to date, the Epic X.

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