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Independent Manufacture
serving watchmaking brands

01 Research office

& Prototype.

Following the client’s specifications, designers and engineers conceptualise a project, then bring it to life. They define the project’s technical and aesthetic characteristics using 3D conceptualisation tools.

The forms, finishes, and cinematography of the mechanisms are approved in close collaboration with the in-house laboratory, whose watchmakers are specialists in prototyping and reliability.


Once the specifications are complete, the plan files are created which the project manager sends to the methods department. Then the articles and the production operational procedures are created.

Whether producing an industrial calibre, an additional module or a grande complication, the Manufacture is highly responsive to clients’ quality and business needs.


Materials & machining.


A component’s ultimate quality begins with control of the supply and processing of raw materials.

Lavage, recuit, durcissement, trempe, mise d'épaisseur au micron, sablage ou polissage par trovalisation et tribofinition, sont autant d'étapes à dominer afin d'assurer une qualité de matière irréprochable, prête à être usinée tout en répondant aux critères requis. Qu'il s'agisse de métaux techniques ou précieux, tous sont traités avec la même exigence d'excellence.









150 units of specific machinery


We regularly update the substantial stock of machinery required for this work to keep up with technological advances.

Numerically controlled, simultaneous 5-axis mills, some of which have automatic loading robots, bar turning machines and electrical discharge machining tools are deployed around the CAPM programming office. The ML-5 adds extreme precision, zero draft angle cutting capabilities to our infrastructure.

Nearly 150 units of specific machinery and equipment allow us to carry out all the different production operations in-house and independently.

03 Precision engineering and swage-making.

Precision engineering

& swage- making.

The precision engineering workshop skilfully builds the tools and settings necessary to create movement components, such as those used in decoration, mounting, assembly and testing.

The workshop also produces full swages, which requires rare, highly sought-after technical expertise.



Afin d'assurer une qualité optimale à chaque étape de fabrication, l'ensemble des pièces produites est minutieusement contrôlé à l'aide d'équipements de pointe.

05 DTR


Profile-turning, cutting and burnishing workshops.

Dédié à la fabrication des mobiles (rouages et pignons), de diverses vis et axes, le département « DTR » est également doté d'un parc machines spectaculaire, permettant d'exécuter toutes les opérations de décolletage, taillage et roulage, avec une fiabilité d'exécution remarquable.

06 Assortments




Escape wheel

Complete assortment

The major difference between a movement producer and a truly independent Manufacture lies in their ability to produce their own assortments.

Also known as a regulating organ, this set of pieces consists mainly of a balance, balance spring, mounted pallets and the escape wheel.

It is considered to be the heart of the movement; through its workmanship, it ensures the regular frequency of energy distribution to the mechanisms.

Thanks to the specific equipment and alloys developed in-house, the Manufacture manages the industrial production of all these sets of components, guaranteeing the chronometric precision of the calibres it produces.



In addition to the purely technical side, the movement’s decoration and finish are distinctive elements that allow our partners to assert their personalities and signature aesthetics.

In order to support sustained, regular growth, combined with the long-term goal of a fully independent senior management team, a series of major building projects to enlarge and extend the Manufacture take place. Our new workshops give pride of place to the artistic crafts.

The added value brought to the components transforms the movement’s machined elements into true artisanal masterpieces.


Making a chamfer, then hand polishing the cutting line to create subtle reflections and highlight the aesthetic of the edge.

Black polished.

Finely brushed overlapping circles that create a unique surface effect, often applied to the underside of bars and plates.

Côtes de Genève.

An elegant hallmark of fine watchmaking, this finish features finely brushed, parallel lines in a semicircle.

Circular graining.

Meticulous polishing on a solid zinc block coated in diamond paste to obtain exceptional optical effects.


The art of decoration also makes use of innovative equipment. The “Femto” laser provides a wide range of decoration, engraving and machining options as well as exceptional precision and repeatability.

08 Artistic crafts

Artistic crafts.

Pride of place in our workshops.

09 Watchmaking workshop.


The watchmaking workshop, our Manufacture’s beating heart that brings the final product to life, is housed in a single space of over 500m2. It offers the highest standards in terms of equipment and working environment, from mounting and assembling movements to all the casing operations.

With the same quality standards, the grand flux department is adjacent to the grande complication assembly and casing area. Whether producing movements in semi-industrial quantities or creating one-off complex calibres, expertise is shared naturally from one domain to another.

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